12oz Cold Brew – 6 Pack

Origin: Flores, Bajawa, Indonesia

Roast: Medium (18)

Varietal: Linie S, Jember

Notes: Honey & Cocoa Granola, Baked Caramel Apples, Walnuts

Body: Rich, Syrupy

Process: Semi-washed

Altitude: 1,200-1,300 mass

Please note: retail coffee is sold in packs of 6.

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This single-origin coffee has been specifically to bring out the delicious notes of honey & cocoa granola, baked caramel apples, and walnuts when brewed as Cold Brew. This is important because coffee tastes different when brewed as cold brew versus hot.

Can you brew this coffee hot? Yup! But when you brew it hot, don’t expect the same notes. In fact, be expecting notes of sweet green apple, caramel, chocolate covered nuts with a syrupy body.

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